For many who’ve encountered it or been lucky enough to recline upon it, the BassamFellows Daybed is more than a piece of furniture - it’s an obsession. While a sofa is made to accommodate multiple parties, the Daybed is made for one alone—an experience that elevates the mundane to the glamorous. It is the ultimate expression of sensual luxury.

The Daybed occupies a deservedly distinguished place in the history of furniture design and over the years it has become an important modernist staple. The BassamFellows Daybed is an evolution of that tradition with a solid wood frame constructed by expert cabinetmakers and an ‘achingly soft’ leather cushion. Hand sewn from four separate panels of leather, each cushion is padded with all natural down filling for softness and edge-banded foam for sharpness. A separate headrest cushion is detachable and an oxidized brass back support mechanism adjusts to three different positions.

With its sumptuously low-slung profile, the Daybed can hold its own in any environment. It was designed to be seen and used in the round and its slim, simple profile lends itself to open, flowing spaces; as a statement piece, it’s a showstopper in its own right. But with a height of 11 inches, it’s also compelling when paired with other furniture, a sturdy but elegant antidote to the uniform landscape of lounge chairs and sofas.

Described covetously by The New York Times as a “solitary indulgence,” the Daybed features supple leather hand-selected from the finest tanneries in Scandinavia. Unlike most leather used in manufacturing, BassamFellows never treats the leather to mask imperfections and the piece ages like an exquisitely tooled piece of bespoke luggage. The result: more transparency and “life in the leather,” resulting in an enduring piece of remarkable beauty.

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CB-40L Dining Bench Long here in White Ash and a special black green leather to show at the Salone del Mobile 2018.


The horizontal level has been raised to a height that makes it perfect for dining table seating.


Hand sewn cushions made from four seperate panels of leather, stitched with an inverted seam.


Oxidized brass adjustable back support.


CB-41 Daybed in White Ash.


A solitary indulgence.


CB-41 Daybed in bespoke solid African Rosewood and French calf suede.


CB-42 Day Bench in White Ash.


The Day Bench has two companions: Dining Bench Petite and Dining Bench Long – for intimate seating.


CB-41 Daybed in solid Santos Rosewood.

Photography by Dan Martensen


CB-41 Daybed
W 76 3/8” D 33” H 11 3/4”
W 194cm D 84cm H 30cm

CB-40 Dining Bench Petite
W 64 1/2” D 17 1/4” H 17 3/4”
W 164cm D 44cm H 45cm

CB-40L Dining Bench Long
W 79 1/2” D 17 1/4” H 17 3/4”
W 202cm D 44cm H 45cm

CB-42 Day Bench
W 76 3/8” D 33” H 15 3/4”
W 194cm D 84cm H 40cm

Solid Teak, Walnut, Iroko, White Oak, Ash or Ebonized Ash.
Hand sewn cushion.
Outdoor cushion available.

Design 2004