BassamFellows was retained as Creative Directors for the James Hotel following the group’s purchase of three premier properties in LA, New York, and South Beach, Miami. The large hotels were each approximately 200 rooms.

The brief: create a totally new brand identity and vision for the James group, including strategic market positioning and the articulation of the service USP. The company’s then-owners envisioned a new hotel brand that would team ultra-luxurious contemporary interiors with a new standard in hotel service – a bold and truly contemporary reimagining of the classic luxury hotel experience.

BassamFellows also led the design of all interiors for both the rooms and public spaces and led the creation of all graphics and marketing collateral. Guest rooms, with their rigorously thought-out zones, would introduce a new standard in modern luxury with custom designed furniture, ultra-high end materials and the finest cabinetry available. BassamFellows own ‘Craftsman Modern’ furniture collection was central to this new vision of American luxury.

The brand was sold prior to completion of the LA, New York, and South Beach locations.

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Guest rooms exude glamorous refuge with finishes such as oiled English Brown Oak cabinetry.

Paul Warchol

Every detail, including the suite’s bathrooms (pictured), was designed to set a new standard in contemporary luxury.

Paul Warchol

Alongside exquisite materials and details, guest rooms featured meticulously thought-out zones such as separate dining banquettes.

Paul Warchol

Measured luxury; the BassamFellows designed king concept room maximized space with features like slide away bathroom doors.

Paul Warchol

A king bathroom in travertine is harmonious and luxurious.


BassamFellows created a model suite for the James Hotel’s Los Angeles property, which included numerous “Craftsman Modern,” pieces.

Paul Warchol