The BassamFellows canon includes bespoke architecture, architectural restoration, interiors, furniture, and personal accessories.

Much of what we do is rooted in our love of architecture, reflected in numerous awards for our ongoing work in the restoration of Modernist buildings conceived by Philip Johnson, Crombie Taylor, Willis Mills and others.

Our concept of “total design” often begins with an architectural project. Whether it is a bespoke blueprint or a restoration, the process of planning a space identifies a use that meets a need. This is how our products originate.

Schlumberger Administration Building
Ridgefield, CT

Originally designed in 1952 by Philip Johnson, we restored this historically significant, early example of International Style architecture. The building was abandoned for several years and required major work, including all services. Our restoration received the prestigious Docomomo award.

Hodgson House
New Canaan, CT

Designed in 1951 by Philip Johnson, the house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has additional preservation easements held by the National Trust. Our museum quality, multi-year restoration will preserve the house for the next 70 years.

Rancho Mirage House
Rancho Mirage, CA

We restored the last building designed by Crombie Taylor, architect, teacher and preservationist, who helped spread influence of the Bauhaus to American architecture.

Willis Mills House
New Canaan, CT

Originally designed in 1956 by noted modernist architect Willis N. Mills, this storied home was listed on the National Register of Historic Places after we completed a meticulous rehabilitation, rebuilding the house from the studs.

Willis Mills House Pavilion M

The current owners of the Willis Mills house asked us to continue the evolution of the house years after our initial restoration. The brief was to create a separate pool house/guest pavilion to engage the existing pool and take advantage of stunning views across the ridge while complementing the form and materiality of the original house.

Carabietta House
Lugano, Switzerland

In keeping with our core belief that the key to preservation is relevance, we undertook a comprehensive renovation of a mid-century modern villa on the shores of Lake Lugano. The primary objective was to transform the summer holiday cottage into a villa suitable for year-round use with sensitive additions.

Bally Headquarters Design
Caslano, Switzerland

We created a corporate headquarters for Bally, the Swiss luxury brand. The innovative project featured two components: “The Hall,” which housed the brand’s corporate offices and “The Roof Pavilion,” which accommodated the showrooms, executive offices, and boardroom. The pavilion utilized cutting-edge panelized construction to achieve super high quality and substantial cost savings.

Bally Retail Store Design
Berlin, Germany

An essential component of Bally’s reinvention from a storied shoemaker into a globally coveted, fully realized luxury brand involved a complete reimagining of the in-store experience. We created a spatial piece of architecture which contained moveable furniture (including the original Tractor Stool) to constantly meet the needs of the evolving brand.

Smallen/Bases House
New Canaan, CT

The client brief was to significantly expand this house originally designed by Hugh Smallen for himself in 1957. We fully renovated the original residence and created a new cantilevered pavilion to house the kitchen, family room and guest room. The house won a preservation award from New Canaan Preservation Alliance.

We have collaborated on an ever growing list of projects and product with brands and artisans we admire for their approach to craft and dedication to quality, including Herman Miller, Geiger, Stellar Works, Starbucks Roastery, McGuire, and others.

Product Design

We have collaborated with MillerKnoll for over a decade designing a growing collection of pieces that combine industrial precision with the soul of craftsmanship.

Leatherwrap Desk

Creative Direction

We were retained as Creative Directors to launch a new division to pursue opportunities in the residential market and in the collaborative workspace. The division comprised three businesses: Geiger International, Herman Miller Retail, and Herman Miller Collection, a new business born from Herman Miller’s modern classics.

Product Development

We collaborated with the museum’s curatorial staff to adapt our Tuxedo Collection, designed for MillerKnoll, for use in all galleries throughout the museum.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery
Product Design, Development and Manufacturing

The Starbucks collaboration follows in the heritage of numerous architects creating bespoke furniture with longevity, with their origins in commercial hospitality. We worked with the Chief Design Officer and her close knit team on furniture for all three Roasteries in the US. The projects led to the creation of ten designs, now all part of the BassamFellows canon.

Stellar Works
Product Design

Our Pagoda Chair was inspired by the simplicity of the café chairs of mid 19th century Vienna and the café culture of 1920s Shanghai. The compact design has a structure that has been reduced to its very essence. Easy to ship and assemble, the flat pack chair consists of only six components – a curved seat, rounded back and four legs.

Product Design

This collection took inspiration from the original arts and crafts movement from the turn of the last century in Vienna– the Wiener Werkstatte. We wanted to celebrate the natural strength and beauty of rattan, while pushing the structural boundaries of the material to create pieces that are visually elegant and light, yet sturdy and stable.