As with many of our designs, the Asymmetric Sofa came out of a need for something that didn’t exist already in what we considered precisely the right form. Craig Bassam wanted a scalable sofa for his personal study that would harmonize two competing needs – something functional for collaborative work meetings, and an object he could relax with. The result was our landscape sofa group. The group consists of three different lengths of sofa units, a corner unit, a chaise, and an ottoman.‎ The planning module allows for a multitude of layout arrangements from a typical sofa format to landscape configurations where armed, armless, and backless elements can be combined to vary the horizon line of the piece and open it up to the room.‎ A sense of buoyancy is emphasized with blade-like, solid wood legs that virtually disappear, making the piece appear to float.‎ 


    In silhouette, the sofa accentuates the horizontal, with one large cushion for the seat and super thin arm panels that hold wide, comfortable arm cushions which double as head pillows when reclining.‎ The Asymmetric offers a supremely comfortable sit, incorporating a feather and down topper layer together with three layers of foam in varying densities, including the gel foam found in high quality mattresses.‎ The seat is comprised of individually quilted, eight inch square mini pillows that are stitched together to form the long cushion. The Asymmetric Table Collection expands the planning options, with three table sizes designed to work with the sofa modules.‎ These can be used as end tables, to turn a corner between sofa sections, or simply on their own.‎ Each top is carved from solid wood with a subtle edge detail borrowed from our Tray tables.