The signature elements of the BassamFellows aesthetic make up this expanded collection, originally conceived as a series of lounge pieces. Inspired by the glass house nature of our residence in Connecticut; we wanted to create furniture that looked immaculate, surveyed from every angle. We also wanted to deconstruct the bulkiness of traditional lounge seating by exposing the structural wood frame and elevating it to fine cabinetry. 


    Our Wood Frame Dining Chairs and Stools push the concept further. Our Modernist grid is further honed to create a distinctive side profile and back view – crucial elements when viewed surrounding a table or counter. The outer corners are softly rounded – a BassamFellows signature – and the exposed rear frame becomes both a handle to maneuver the chair without touching the upholstery, and a natural place to hang a jacket or sweater.‎ The backrest is structural but designed with a non-rigid upper frame to keep its profile as thin as possible while building in flex for movement.‎ Cushions are slimmed as much as possible without sacrificing comfort, and lightly tufted for a distinctly tailored appearance.‎